Engraved Wedding Rings

A Platinum, Tungsten, or titanium wedding ring is a good choice. These metals are perfect for men wedding rings because they are extremely long-lasting metals and are tarnish proof. If you do choose to buy matching wedding rings then consider do you want the same metal or design. Another great idea would be to have your wedding rings engraved. Once you decide the wedding ring designs, there are several ways to get the design implemented. You may opt to have your wedding ring custom designed which is indeed highly recommended to get the best fit and design. Generally, the groom's ring may be made with the same design, but to a more generous width to accommodate a bigger finger. In addition, the kind of mounting that you are selecting for your ring would affect the durability. Platinum rings have a whiny white look and last forever without a single scratch. Many rings will need occasional work to keep them looking shiny and scratch free. A ring workshop is perfect for this. I you want something more fashionable and modern, then titanium is definitely one of the the best options. It is also one of the most durable metals you will find. Happy Planning.