Candle Arrangements used in your Wedding Decorations

When considering wedding decorations, a few essential items come to mind. You will need flowers for both the church and reception, streamers for the receptions, items for the centerpieces, and table clothes, just to name a few. Use different types of flowers and vases on the tables for an eclectic look and a contrasting color such as black for an accent color. Twine holly around candelabras or on the backs of gold chiavari chairs. Get simple to extravagant outdoor wedding ideas from an event decor specialist and put all your worries to rest and have the perfect summer wedding event. If you want to get family and children involved, for older children, giving them a more integral role in the wedding will help to make them feel included amongst the all the wedding planning and activity. Giving them a big moment such as reading a passage, representing the family as part of a sand ceremony, or even escorting the bride past all the wedding decorations can make all the difference in the world to them. Candles and candelabras are equally magical and few things are as romantic as a wedding ceremony by candlelight. On the other hand, too low lighting may produce poorly lighted and blurry pictures so you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect balance of lighting and ambiance. It’s your special day. Enjoy the ride and do all you can to make it extra special.